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  • whaleflo submersible garden fresh water pump
    whaleflo submersible garden fresh water pump Dec 31, 2021
    whaleflo specializes in manufacturing household and garden water pump motors. Whaleflo has advanced production equipment and skilled technicians. It can produce 1.5 million sets of household water pump motors and 500,000 sets of garden water pump motors per year. According to customer requirements, various types of pumps can be produced. OEM service offered.welcome to inquiry and get more information.
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  • Choose High Quality Submersible Bilge Pump
    Choose High Quality Submersible Bilge Pump Dec 29, 2021
    What sealing materials does whaleflo use for it's bilge pump and diphargm pump Despite seeming like a small detail, a valve's O-ring material is very important. The material can dictate the temperature tolerance of a seal. It can also give the seal certain chemical resistances, with some types of rubber being compatible with different fluids. Viton is a synthetic rubber with a high chemical and temperature resistance. EPDM, which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, has its own set of properties that make it an extremely popular O-ring material. When comparing Viton vs. EPDM, several factors must be considered: temperature tolerance, chemical compatibility, and cost. Continue reading for the full comparison. EPDM Seals EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a complex yet inexpensive rubber that has a wide range of uses. It is commonly used in roofing for waterproofing, as EPDM seals nicely. It is also a common material for freezer room seals, as it is an insulator and has excellent low-temperature tolerance. Specifically, EPDM operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -49F to 293F (-45C to 145C), making it perfect for applications in any temperature. While many rubbers have high-temperature resistance, only a few can deal with lower temperatures the way EPDM does. This makes it the first choice for anyone trying to create a seal in a cold environment or with cold materials. whaleflo bilge pump and diaphragm pressure water pump valve with EPDM seals o-ringTypical applications for freshwater. In addition to large temperature tolerance, EPDM also has a wide range of chemical resistance. These include hot water, steam, detergents, caustic potash solutions, sodium hydroxide solutions, silicone oils/greases, and many other diluted acids and chemicals. It is unsuitable for use with mineral oil products, such as lubricants, oils, or fuels. For specific chemical compatibilities of EPDM, click here. These impressive properties, combined with how inexpensive it is, make EPDM a very popular seal material. Viton Seals Viton is a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer. "Fluoropolymer" means this material has high resistance to solvents, acids, and bases. "Elastomer" is a word that is basically interchangeable with "rubber." We won't get into what distinguishes an elastomer from a rubber here, but we will talk about what makes Viton so special. This material is often characterized by its green or brown color, but what really makes it unique is its density. Viton is significantly more dense than most types of rubber, which makes Viton seals some of the strongest. Viton has a wide temperature tolerance which ranges from -4F to 410F (-20C to 210C). The high temperatures Viton can withstand make it ideal for high-temperature applications. Viton is often used in O-rings, chemical-resistant gloves, and other molded or extruded goods. O-rings made of Viton are perfect for scuba diving, automobile engines, and valves of all kinds. When it come...
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  • choose marine bilge water pump
    choose marine bilge water pump Nov 26, 2021
    Whaleflo Bilge pumps for boats take all the hard work out of the clearing and remove nuisance water, so you don't have to. An excess accumulation of water in the bilge can lead to a variety of problems ranging from rust to hull damage. Choose from whaleflo wide selection of high-quality boat bilge pumps and find incomparable deals on marine pumps, plumbing, and more. If you're looking for more boat plumbing, check out our pages on
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  • Whaleflo New Solar Pump with MPPT controller
    Whaleflo New Solar Pump with MPPT controller Nov 11, 2021
    Whaleflo New Dc solar water pump advantages 1. Permanent magnet Brushless DC synchronous motor; Efficiency increase by 15%-20%; Energy saving; Reduce the use of solar panels 2. Copper or stainless steel outlet/connection/cylinder 3. Alloy mechanical seal, long service life, reliable work 4. Motor coil using automatic winding machine centralized line group, improve the efficiency of the wire machine 5. The pump parts are processed with high precision and automatic machine, and the dimension accuracy and smoothness are strictly controlled 6. Intelligent water shortage protection and full water protection Whaleflo Dc controller: (1) Waterproof grade: IP65 (2) Ambient temperature: -15ºC -60 ºC (3) MMPT(Maximum power point tracking) function, the highest solar energy utilization (4) Automatic charging function: ensure the normal operation of the solar pump while charging the battery; The battery can keep the solar pump working in the absence of sunlight (5) Digital display of power, voltage, current, speed, and other working conditions and error code (6) Frequency conversion function: it can automatically operate according to the sunlight power, and also can manually adjust the speed according to the actual demand (7) Automatic startup and shutdown (8) Good water sealing, double sealing effect (9) Soft start: no impulse current, protect the pump motor (10) High pressure/low pressure/overcurrent/high temperature protection
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  • Whaleflo Food Truck Plumbing Water System
    Whaleflo Food Truck Plumbing Water System Sep 26, 2021
    Fresh Water System Some food trucks have their water tanks hung high up a ceiling or wall allowing gravity to deliver water directly to the faucet. While this is not a bad way to deliver fresh water, you made need to always check your local health department to make sure you have your plumbing installed in accordance with the existing rules. In the same way, food trucks can also have fresh water delivered to the faucet from the water tank via a pump. Most times, pumps such as this work on demand. Water is pumped only when the valve on the faucet is opened. These pumps are powered by electricity so their wattage must fall within a range your generator can work with. Here I would like to recommend Whaleflo 110V &230V AC diaphragm pressure water pump,our pump is equipped with a Honeywell Micro Pressure Switch which makes the pump life span better than the market one. Quality whaleflo AC 17liter per minutes self-priming diaphragm pump is widely used in coffee carts and food trucks.
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  • Will and RV pump affect flow rate?
    Will and RV pump affect flow rate? Sep 22, 2021
    Well the answer to that is yes.The RV pump is what creates and pressurizes.and makes the water move.So the rating on a pump,say five gallon a minute or 3.3 gallon per minute,is the output capacity of the pump.Now once you hook it up to your distribution system,you’re not gonna get 3.5 or 5 gallons per minute.because the water gonna travel through pipe,it’s gonna travel through elbows and fittings and your faucet fixture,and it maybe less than that.But the important thing is that you have enough flow and enough pressure to be very workable in your RV. if you have any other questions or need more information,check out our website at
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