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Typical Application of Whaleflo Bottle Water Dispenser System Apr 10,2020

Flojet bottle water dispenser system

Whaleflo Bottled Water Dispenser System  is designed to pump water from commercially available water bottles. The system delivers the bottled water under pressure to a sink mounted drinking water faucet, or to the water inlet of a refrigerator, ice maker, coffee brewer or other equipment. The suction wand, when inserted into the water bottle, activates the float switch on the pump. This float switch also shuts off the system when the bottle is empty. Beware of inferior non-genuine products on the market that claim to be just as good Features: Compact for easy mounting Automatic shut off when bottle is empty Built-in check valve prevents backflow Fits a variety of bottles Positive displacement pump Smooth flow and quiet operation Automatic pump operating Easy bottle change 

Specifications Voltage: 110V/230V AC Flow capacity: 1 Gallon per minute (3.78 Liters per minute) Max Water Pressure: 40 PSI .Operating Pressure: 30 PSI Hose Outlets: 20ft 1/4" Diameter Hose Included Approvals: CE Applications Refrigerator Water and Ice Maker Coffee Makers Espresso Makers Water Dispensers Sinks Anywhere else on-demand water supply is needed.

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